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Jumping Fish Toy

Jumping Fish Toy

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Keep your pet entertained for hours with our Jumping Fish Toy! 🐾🐟 Watch as it leaps and dances, providing endless fun and exercise. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to happy, active pets. Grab yours today and let the playtime begin! 🐕🐈


Built-in touch sensor, when you turn on the switch, and your cat touches the toy, the toy will automatically swing and make a sound to attract your cat to play. 

When not touching for a long time, the toy will automatically stop. Touch again and swing again.
This wiggle fish toy is USB chargeable which saves you from the hassle and costs to replace batteries and the detachable motor helps to make cleaning easier.
A realistic flopping fish cat toy is a great gift for your cat. this kitty toy is made short plush with stuffed pp cotton. safe and non-toxic for your kitten.


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