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Zero Spill Pet Water Bowl

Zero Spill Pet Water Bowl

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Sick of cleaning water that your dog as slobbered all over the floor?

Introducing our revolutionary Zero-Spill Pet Water Bowl – the perfect solution for pet owners seeking a mess-free hydration experience! 


 • Large Capacity: With a capacity of 1.5L, this dog drinking water bowl is perfect for feeding dogs of all sizes or multiple dogs at once.


• Floating Design: The floating design of this water bowl ensures that it stays in place while your dog drinks, preventing spills and messes. Also great for car travel to keep your pet hydrated on long trips without any spillage.


• Non-Wetting Mouth: The non-wetting mouth of this water bowl ensures that your pet's mouth stays dry while drinking, reducing the risk of dental problems.

• Slow Anti-Overflow Water Feeding Dispenser: The slow anti-overflow water feeding dispenser design of this bowl ensures that your dog can drink water at a comfortable pace without overwhelming them. 

Four colors to choose from



Name: Pet floating water bowl
Capacity: 1.5L
Size: 225mm x 185mm x 78mm
Weight: 600g
Material: ABS & PP
Other:With bottom non-skid pad


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